How Are Immune Cells Able to Detect Foreign Pathogens?

Our immune system is a complex network of white blood cells, proteins and natural chemicals that help the body defend itself from bacteria, fungi and foreign pathogens that cause infection and disease. 

Pathogens can come from everywhere and enter your body via many ways. Germs or pathogens can enter the body via contact, such as touching a contaminated surface. They can be airborne and enter the mouth, eyes and nose via somebody infected coughing or breathing too close to you. Pathogens can be transmitted by having sex and the exchange of bodily fluids. If you eat or drink something contaminated by bacteria, pathogens can enter your body via your digestive system. 

 So how are Immune Cells able to detect foreign pathogens? 

Luckily our immune system is there to protect our bodies from the danger of foreign pathogens. The first lines of defence from foreign pathogens are the antigens, immune cells in the body that recognise when a foreign pathogen enters the system. These immune cells record and instantly identify any foreign pathogens as a threat so signal the entire immune system to kick in and destroy the intruder. 

 Acquired immunity comes from the antibodies you obtained in the womb and also when the body has recognised and previously dealt with a pathogen so instantly suppresses it. This is why certain types of disease or infection, such as flu can only be caught once. The body instantly recognises the foreign pathogen as a threat so your immune system kicks in to destroy it. 

Recently an alarming development in pathogens has been identified by scientists. It seems that pathogens have evolved in order to avoid surveillance so that they can enter the body and evade notice of the immune cells. 

How are immune cells able to detect foreign pathogens largely rely on having a strong immune system. And for this we need the natural chemicals derived from natural produce such as fruit and vegetables to provide the antioxidants we need to keep our immune systems strong. 

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How are immune cells able to detect foreign pathogens will largely depend upon the efficiency of your own immune system. This means that ensuring that it is a strong as possible by increasing your antioxidant intake will help your body deal with the troubling evolution of foreign pathogens.