Fun Summer Activities for Single Parents and Their Kids

Fun summer activities for single parents and their kids do not have to be lavish or expensive. The important thing is that everyone has fun and spends time together making precious memories that will last forever.  After all if you have a fun attitude, your kids will pick up on your mood and you will all have fun together whatever you decide to do. 

So if you are stuck for ideas now that summer is upon us, check out our list for some inspiration.

Go on a hike

Head off to a nature park or local beauty spot and have an adventure. Pack a few supplies and take a drink and explore the terrain in the spirit of adventure. If there is water nearby even better. Who doesn’t like cooling their feet or splashing about in water after a long hike! 

Camp out in the back yard

Getting the tent out and setting up camp is always fun and when you do it in the back yard, it’s even better. It’s exciting for kids to be outside in the tent in their own neighbourhood and if everyone gets fed up with camping at 3 am you can get back home again in seconds!

Wash the car in swim suits

This is a fun and useful idea. The car gets clean and everyone gets to throw water about too without the need to change clothes. When the weather gets hot any job that involves water and swimsuits is a great idea. 

Go on a picnic

Pack up loads of food and drink including many of your kids’ favourite treats. Take a blanket to sit on, balls and things to play with, and make a day of it. Once you have reached your spot, set up camp and relax in the sun. Often you will meet other groups doing the same thing so it can be sociable for you and your children. 

Chalk Art

Encourage your kids to create pictures on the sidewalk in chalk. This can feel daring to kids because it is on the sidewalk, but because chalk washes off so easily, your neighbours won’t mind. Take pictures of their master pieces so everyone can remember them later.

Help your kids set up a lemonade stand

All children enjoy being a shopkeeper for a day and this is a summer rite of passage that everyone remembers. It is educational too so your kids will learn something about business over the course of their operation. 

Go on a bike ride

Even if your kids are small, if they’ve got bikes they will definitely want to ride them. Take them to a place where it’s safe to ride, such as a public park and let them enjoy the feeling of riding somewhere new for a change. If your kids are older and proficient on bikes, head off for a family bike ride together

Whatever you decide to do this summer, remember that you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to have fun. The years go past very quickly so it’s really important to value your family time and build great memories together for the future. 

To find out about grants and entitlements for single mothers as well as get helpful advice and great tips, check out the Single Mothers website and find out what is available for help.